Writing Portfolio

My ongoing DA is my portfolio of various pop-culture criticism, academic writing, and creative works that I am working getting published. Cultural criticism, particularly of film and literature, is a profession I am looking to move into post-University. I had already succeeded in having several works published prior to making this my ongoing DA, thus this is a nice synergism of course content and long-term goals.

The current “hub” for my DA is my personal website, where I keep links to selected clips of my best work, a personal blog of light and informal writing, and a contact page with my email and links to my socials.

My socials, particularly my non-BCM Twitter account, are all essential parts of my DA as they are each different outlets for brand building. Individually they are little more than personal social media’s, however as a complimentary unit for my writing, they help elevate my brand, and create an outlet for informal “personal” posting that helps provide insight and depth for my more serious writing. The other socials are my Instagram and Letterboxd.

Below are links to blog posts relevant to my DA:

This Ain’t My First Rodeo (On My Second Digital Artefact)

Rodeo Update (DA Pitch)

Reviewing Reviewing (On Reviewing)

FEFO I guess (DA Beta)

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