Blitzkrieg (and a Humble Brag)

Last year in BCM 206 the concept of the decentralised network was explored, so naturally I already have a blog post about it. I described a decentralised network as a 21st Century Blitzkrieg (the comparison tracks, trust me) and ended with this remediation:


Well the decentralised network– my favourite non-hierarchical adaptive concept that manifests itself in online practice– is back as is the trademark speedy responsiveness that bypasses traditional power structures.

This allows for immediate action and reaction. For example, my blog is a decentralised network (of one) and there’s no gatekeeping system preventing me from taking my outdated meme and update it like so:

This same principle applies to many different online mediums. Take medium for example, an article sharing site where you can post whatever you want whenever you want. Just earlier this year I wrote an article there because why not? Who’s going to stop me?

Of course the applications of a decentralised network go beyond shitposting. They help us remain adaptable, creating content in a manner has a low cost.

A good recent application of this is in my own DA. While my initial pitch for it was that it would be a youtube channel, my model of production was high cost for a low result. Video’s are also not my medium of choice, as I consider myself a writer first and foremost.

Recently, and opportunity presented itself to adapt my DA. I was offered a writing position (humble brag) at Second Union, a website that features the kind of pop cultural content I wish to talk about. It seems stupid really not to recalibrate my DA to focus more on my natural skills, lowering the time-cost of production.

Certainly this set up centralises the network a little more (I have to go through an editor now) but I get a stronger platform from which to spread my content. That’s the exchange. Centralisation means easier access but less control, and the opposite for a decentralised network.

I’m still getting to make the content I want, so a centralised network is fine. But, if I ever want more control, my medium profile is always waiting.

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