Rodeo Update (DA Pitch)

Anyone who read my first blog post for BCM 112 will recall that I came in very confident about I wanted to do, so confident, in fact, that I gave one (1) possibility for my DA.

In true Josh fashion I changed my mind at the last minute.

Here’s an overview of the new DA.

It is going to be a Youtube channel. The title, either of the channel itself or just of the videos, is going to be Passion Pop Culture.

This channel will be me, talking about pop culture (specifically film to begin with). The key element of this channel is it is going to focus on authenticity, subverting both vloggers and big pop culture Youtube channels like Cinemasins and Screen Junkies.

Key influences will be Sailor J and Jenny Nicholson, and I will be creating content that provides a pop culture perspective devoid of the cis-white-male lens while also being humorous. The ultimate goal is to be an entertaining alternative to the mainstream mass produced youtube pop culture content.

Heres the full pitch:



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