Isabelle is the Medium

“Our role is to understand the process of change,” says Ted (<3).

I skipped the lecture, so I’m watching the recording. Half-watching the recording. I’m flicking between echo, the lecture slides, and Reddit.

Ted talks about how the lecture dynamic is a medium that forces a specific type of interaction. I reflect upon how watching a recording changes the dynamic of that interaction again.

Do I consume the lecture differently because I am in a bed rather than surrounded by my peers? Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.

Ted rambles on about how the medium of a message effect’s its reception. I skip ahead through the lecture slides. Back to the recording. Over to Reddit, there’s an Isabelle meme.

Back to the slides. Back to Reddit. More Isabelle.

“Remediate,” says Ted, “find a way to express what is happening here.”

Back to Reddit. More Isabelle.

The medium, it’s content, form, and quantity all quantify the value and meaning of a message. Isabelle is a character from Animal Crossing, but her value and meaning as a product can be warped by the medium she’s in.

When Isabelle is in Animal Crossing, she is a symbol of assistance because that’s her role in the game. In Super Smash Bro’s however, she’s an object and humour, because her aesthetic in a violent game is inherently funny. In Ted’s lecture… she’s something else again.

Her meaning as a symbol can be warped depending on it’s context. She’s a symbol in herself, but the medium she’s in changes that meaning.

Like take this nonsense I made. What does Isabelle mean here?




4 thoughts on “Isabelle is the Medium

  1. steff harris says:

    This is amazing. I like how you used a lot of pictures to keep the reader going. I drift off when I see paragraph after paragraph on a blog because they’re supposed to be interactive.
    In regards to “the message”, I like how you used your character as the example. We present ourselves differently given the specific situation which portrays a different message each time.
    Also that Carly Rae Jepson song is stuck in my head now. So catchyyy


  2. chelseagregor says:

    I like this because you used heaps of pictures of the same sort of characters #aesthetic. It’s a really cool way of explaining the concept especially with the example of Isabelle because it makes it easy to understand what you are saying! Your remediations are also really good!


    1. Bronte says:

      Hia! Cool post, even cooler memes! I love animal crossing so it was joyful to see isabelle popping up on my feed while I’m stressed over last minute blog work. The media throughout the your post really keeps me enganged and interested in what you had to share. I really wanna play super smash bros now. I can see you’ve done a bunch of research, you look like you got it better than I did haha. You should chuck a few links up for sources when you can, it could help everyone else get some extra info (so we can understand too). I know I always read everyone elses blogs before I do mine. Love the blog theme too! (◕‿◕✿)


  3. Amy dunn says:

    This is super cool! I really like how you used the same character throughout the post to keep your points coherent. I also really like how you made this more personal rather than just regurgitating what Ted said in the lecture and what we discussed in tutorials.


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