TARDIS’ are Kindles, and Kindles are the Internet

“It’s bigger on the inside.”

If you have a nerdy friend in your life you’ve probably heard those exact words come out of their mouth during a hyperactive explanation of BBC’s Doctor Who. Because I know you probably stopped listening during that conversation let me give you the rundown on what that impossible sounding line is all about.

In Doctor Who the titular character has a time machine called the TARDIS that looks like a police box and is bigger on the inside than the outside.

I used the word impossible to desrcibe the TARDIS because it’s a fictional machine in a fictional TV series, of course it’s impossible.

Execept it’s not. At least not in regards to information

Information was contained in physical files in physical spaces, making our ability to know finite. But the internet has erased that notion, now and infinite amount of information can be stored in and a finite space, the internet is bigger on the inside than the outside.

Once produce had to be created to market to the most amount of people because there was a limited amount of space to store and sell it. Now, because of the internet niche produce is not only sellable, but all that’s being sold, because the storage space of the internet is limitless. It’s like the TARDIS, with a limitless amount of rooms eventually you’ll find the one that suits your exact needs.

The result of having an infinite amount of rooms is that the more generic ones now have no use, because they were designed to cater to a lot of people adequetly but not perfectly. Bookstores are the best example of this. Where once bookstores were everywhere now they’re going out of business, because limited shelfspace means that most books won’t appeal to people. But online more books are being written and published than ever in increasingly specific genre’s, and that’s because of kindles.

My friend has a kindle and all she reads is historical romances. The genre sounds specific but she reads several a week and there’s no signs that she’s going to run out of them any time soon. She found her room in the TARDIS, a perfect niche just for her.

Because of the internet we’re living in a world of infinite niche’s, infinite TARDIS rooms.


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